Are we becoming Spoilt and ungrateful?

Are we becoming Spoilt and ungrateful?

Recently I was listening to a video entitled "The difference between the eyes of the bees and eyes of the flies". Then it hits me to what we are becoming since the Covid 19. Lets go back to the beginning of world crisis of Covid 19 pandemic more than two months ago. Lives at homes and in offices as we knew it then were reasonably predictable and we could rest in the comfort of predictability and of the known. The video story says the bees eyes would always look to find flowers even in rubbish dump areas whereas the eyes of the flies would always prey for rubbish even if rubbish is in fragrant garden of 


When Malaysia was first strucked by Covid 19 the Prime Minister, Muhyiddin's team immediately moved into action mode and worked out lives saving measures to first save lives and contained the spread of the Virus and at same time mobilized and articulated its resources to lessen the painful Covid 19 economic impact to Malaysia and our livelihood. A growing healthy economy suddenly brought to its knees to a standstill which moved only one way, down hill. The Government moved fast to devise programs to Resolve Covid 19 pandemic, to maintain the Resilience, and to save workers losing jobs and assist companies which are forced to lay off workers and close down. All kinds of Prihatin Packages were given. All kinds of help packages you would never have thought of before now rolled out to prevent our economy from further hemorrhaging. Prihatin Packages formulated and are given out to almost every sector of the community from youth both working and unemployed to housewives, to university/college students to pensioners. They all receive support and financial aids. Even illegals caught to be in Malaysia during Covid 19 were fortunate enough to be fed and cared for. In Malaysia Aid packages, incentives and grants are also extended to Small and Medium Size economies. More than RM2.1 Billion already deployed for SMEs. Never in the history of Malaysia the Government has to churn out Hundreds of  Billions to save, to comfort and support heart-broken families and prop up venerable industries. As the families, the youth, the students and the industries are are receiving the life-lines from the Government, the immediate result to the coffers of the Government is RM2.4 Billions per day hemorrhage and if Covid 19 pandemic continues for another month or so, Malaysian economy will bleed further to become a RM98 Billions hemorrhage. On the other side of help chain is the Ministry of Health lifeline and care line. It continues its tireless efforts to ensure Malaysians as well as foreign residents and workers continue to be reminded of Covid 19 present danger and treat those infected. Behind the scenes the Government is also running against time, investing money and deploying expertise to research, test, run trials and monitor its mission to develop safe vaccine to counter Covid 19 and cure patients.  While we are on the receiving end of the Government life-saving chain of supports what many of us do? 

While the Almighty gives us an opportunity during the Covid 19 pandemic to reflect on ourselves, our lives, our families, our misfortune and our salvation, what many of us do? We complain, we groan and moan, we fret and we continue to be critical just because we do not get all that we want. Instead of bonding with our family members at home or learning new skills online or sharing precious stories of family looms, or reading to the young, we break the controlled movement order, challenge the authorities and curse the Police and the Army. Why are the police and army personnel sticking out their necks for long hours outdoor? Is it not to ensure safety for our families and friends?

Ramadan is a month for all Muslims to reflect and do good. While we see many of us, Muslims and non-Muslims are handing out help to those lesser than ourselves, we also see many who are only too happy to engage in false damaging stories and viral false news in media social. While these people are flies preying for rubbish no matter what, we also see bees always looking out for flowers and fragrance. The enlightening world of difference between the eyes of the flies and the eyes of the bees. DPA  

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