City Poor Care Day For Non-Muslim@Desa Wira, Batu Kawah

Hunger and poverty never cease to plague the world, even in developed country. With the living cost on the rise in many developed countries, the less capable and poor face even greater challenge in confronting their daily living expenses. Life has never been easy; so, in order to relieve the burden faced by these core poor families in the town, Yayasan Pillar decided to once again launch the program of City Poor Care Day.

This time, 140 family members of non-muslim group from Desa Wira, Batu Kawah area were invited to attend the program which took place at the venue Dewan Balai Raya Batu Kawah on 24th August 2019, Saturday. Foods and basic necessities such as butter, flour, milk, oat, rice, soy sauce, syrup were distributed to these poor families.

Visit Yayasan Pillar Malaysia website for more information.

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