City Poor Care Program For 6 Villages

Food wastage has long been an issue worldwide, while at the same time some part of the world are plagued by poverty. Even in developed country there still exist certain group of people who are poor and less capable. With this issue going on, Yayasan Pillar decided to start the year 2019 with its effort to relieve the burden faced by the core poor families in the town: The City Poor Care Program.

This program involved 72 core poor families from 6 villages: a. Kampung Samariang Bentara b. Kampung Samariang Batu c. Kampung Samariang Pinggir d. Kampung Sungai Midin e. Kampung Semerah Padi f. Kampung Samariang Lama

The selected poor families were invited to attend the program which took place at the venue Dewan Serbaguna Masyarakat Kampung Semariang Lama on 26th January 2019, Saturday. Foods and basic necessities such as beef, butter, cooking oil, crab sticks, eggs, fish balls, flour, rice, and sausage were being distributed to these poor families.

Click Yayasan Pillar Malaysia official website for more information.

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