Community Care Project in Uzbekistan

The other community care project Yayasan Pillar was able to engage with was with the old couples in their 90ies who are left to care for their grandchildren when their sons passed away. These old folks lived in a communal home, sharing with their mentally challenged grandchildren and daughters in law.

Again their lifehood and survival needs like food depend on the financial support from the Uzbekistan government. These old couples would have to depend on sponsors and donors who occasionally contribute to pay for basic costs of living.

The Uzbekistan government, although had only over 2 years ago opened its economic door to the world, has done marvelous thing in modelling its community care program. It is more structured with qualified staff who actually work from 9am to 5pm to provide accessibility and assistance to needy members of their community. Each precinct is headed by a welfare head, here in Malaysian known as “Ketua Kaum”. This welfare head, we met and worked with is Kudrat and he takes care a precinct at Shayhontohur.

Visit Yayasan Pillar Malaysia website for more information.

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