Cops on roadblock duty end up helping to deliver baby girl

KUCHING (June 11): Two policewomen on duty at a roadblock in Samarahan last night ended up assisting a mother to deliver a baby girl in her car.

Kota Samarahan police chief DSP Sudirman Kram said L/Cpl Noor Fatihah Azelam and Cpl Peraksan Jennie were on duty at the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway roadblock around 11.50pm when they saw a car speeding towards them from the oncoming lane.

“Initially the car was heading to the Sarawak General Hospital from Semera Ulu, Asajaya when the husband suddenly made a u-turn at the traffic lights and drove straight towards the roadblock,” said Sudirman.

He said the woman’s husband was panicking and made the decision to head to the roadblock for assistance.

When he reached the roadblock, the two policewomen realised that his wife was already in labour.

“It was at the roadblock when Noor Fatihah helped to deliver the baby and managed to free her neck, which was caught by the tangled umbilical cord with help from Peraksan,” said Sudirman.

After freeing the healthy baby girl, they wrapped her in a clean towel.

“A few seconds later, the baby gave a loud cry, which saw everyone present heaving a sigh of relief at a job well done,” Sudirman added.

Both mother and baby were later brought to Sarawak General Hospital in an ambulance.

--Source: Borneo Post

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