Coronavirus: NHS nurse shouts at ‘absolute idiots’ drinking beer in park

A nurse filmed herself confronting a group of “absolute idiots” lounging around drinking beer in a park behind her home.

The NHS worker faced down the six young men after she spotted them defying social distancing measures as they soaked up the sunshine on a patch of grass in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

The group can be seen sitting drinking and smoking with their bikes lying beside them in video footage posted on Facebook by a woman named Louise Ann.

She can be heard telling them she works for the NHS, adding: “My husband is not getting paid, I have to go in and do overtime all the time. I’ve got two kids in there.”

One of the youngsters tells her “well don’t stand near us then innit”, but she carries on scolding them, saying: “I have to go to work every day fearing I’m going to bring it home to my family because of people like you. You are absolute idiots.”

Another member of the group then tells her: “Stop f****** recording me now.”

But again she continues unfazed, responding: “No, if you’re going to be stupid then I’ll show the world how stupid you are.

“Why you think you’re better than everyone else, I’ve got no idea.”

As the friends begin picking up their bags and cycling off, she shouts: “That’s it, jog on."

As the final member of the group hangs around, she tells him: “I’ll quite happily stay here until the police get here.”

The video has been shared on Facebook 15,000 times since the nurse posted it on Friday.

She later wrote in the comments: “Not sure what came over me, I hate confrontation but I was so cross. Rather embarrassed now.”

Health secretary Matt Hancock has urged people to stay at home this Easter weekend amid the coronavirus crisis as temperatures are expected to reach 26C.

Source: Independent UK

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