Covid-19 patients expose shoddy facilities at a low risk quarantine and treatment centre in Miri

MIRI (April 16): Filthy washrooms, faulty toilets, and clogged shower drains are some of the issues faced by Covid-19 patients at the Petronas Sports Village, which is being used as a low risk quarantine and treatment centre (PKRC).

From photos shared by patients with The Borneo Post, it appears some of the bathroom and toilet facilities are completely out of order.

The photos also reveal the overall living conditions at the PKRC also appear to be crowded with a lack of privacy.

When contacted today, Miri Hospital director Dr Jack Wong said the sports village is a vast area with many blocks and washrooms.

“Some of the washrooms are faulty; there are also other washrooms that are okay. In view of the general condition of the facility, we don’t normally place many patients there,” he said.

However, he pointed out the recent surge of Covid-19 positive cases in the division had really stretched the healthcare system here.

“In the last few day, in particular, we are quite overwhelmed, causing us to put more patients there for the time being.

“But once we have vacancies in other PKRC, we will try to bring the patients out,” said Dr Wong.

Nevertheless, he said Miri Hospital will bring up the faulty facilities with the division disaster management committee.

At present, there are four other PKRCs here — Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club Hotel; two PKRCs next to Miri City Medical Centre; and Riam area PKRC.

As of yesterday, Miri Division is a Covid-19 zone area with a total of 700 active Covid-19 cases in Miri Hospital and PKRC.

--Source: Borneo Post

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