DVS on track to vaccinate 70 per cent of pet dogs in Lawas against rabies

LAWAS: The Lawas District Veterinary Services Department (DVS) is on track to achieve its target of vaccinating 70 per cent of pet dogs in the district against rabies infection by the end of this year.

Head of the Veterinary Services, Robine Asut, said this is possible with continuous efforts of the department and cooperation of all agencies involved.

He was speaking at a briefing on rabies called by Lawas District Officer Ladin Atok here yesterday.

Robine said his department had been monitoring and recording the number of dogs in Lawas together with the Lawas District Council and the Lawas District Health Department since the beginning of the year.

To date a total of 1,752 dogs have been recorded in Lawas district, with 1,223 of them having been vaccinated and the number would further increase with the ongoing vaccination exercise and campaign until the end of this year, he added.

For next year, he said his department will continue to engage relevant agencies in conducting operations and prioritise education and public awareness on the dangers of rabies to humans.

“Rabies can spread due to owners getting overly affectionate with their pets and getting inaccurate information about the importance of getting rabies vaccination,” he added.

Robine clarified that there had been no evidence that pets would become sterile due to vaccination, stressing that vaccination effects will disappear after a few days and the animals will regain their health.

Source: Borneo Post

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