Friday Food Baskets @ Kampung Semariang Batu - Siri 6

Urban poverty is a phenomenon that will never fade from the world, be it first world countries, third world countries or any other part of the world. The hardcore poor struggle for sustenance. When the pandemic of Covid-19 strike the whole world, the living of these people are further impacted, rendering the living condition of those helpless become even worst.

At Yayasan Pillar, we aim to help lessen the burden of these people in this tough time. As the sequel to our previous Friday Foodbank Program, Yayasan Pillar now extends out this help to these people under the program Friday Food Basket. Other than donating edible necessities, Yayasan Pillar also help these people to apply for help from relevant government agencies should they miss out the help opportunity from the government.

Following the series 6 of Yayasan Pillar Friday Food Basket program to lessen the burden of city poor, we went down and donated basic necessities to the needy in Kampung Semariang Batu and also studied other basic problems faced by them on a daily basis. Commonly found are broken down houses with water pouring down to the houses during rain and failure of application for help from relevant government agencies. Commonly found also are children who stop going to school at their early ages and kids involved in drugs and theft.

As part of our City Poor Care program, we are doing this Shared Giving or “#KongsiBersedekaH” for our Friday Food Basket program. Donations are welcomed and we are grateful to those who are willing to partake in this be it through volunteerism or donation. Please don’t forget to stated “Kongsi Bersedekah” in the description if you donate through online banking to help these poor families. 😃

The Pillar Foundation (Maybank Islamic)

Account Number: 561190054374

Reference: Foodbank For City Poor

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