'Fun-learning' helps special-needs students during MCO

KUALA LUMPUR,  April 26  – The process of teaching and learning (PdP) for special needs students should be on the concept of fun-learning, even if conducted online, so that they do not fall behind in their studies during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period. A special education teacher, Ramlan Salim, 57, said the approach is necessary as students with special needs have the tendency to easily get bored and become tired of doing something.

“The longest perhaps is 15 minutes. So, we are the ones who have to follow their 'mood,” he told Bernama.

Therefore, he said, teachers should plan their approach of PdP to make teaching and learning more creative, like giving more exercises in the form of video, music as well as visual audio as physical therapy, apart from writing exercises.

Ramlan, who teaches at a primary school in Hulu Langat, said the special needs students, comprising the down syndrome,  autistic, slow learner, those with multi disabilities, cerebral palsy and slow development, have many learning problems.

He said basically, the students are familiar with written exercises or physical therapy at school.

“But now, their environment is home and the ones to help teach are their parents, a situation that indirectly caused the student to lose focus,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Seri Putra principal Radin Hashimah Radin Hassan, 53, took advantage of the Education Ministry’s  “TV Pendidikan” programme. “The programme can be followed by those who can receive instructions and who are passionate about learning, especially for students of the Integrated Special Education Program (PPKI),” she said.

Vice President of the Malaysian Sign Language and Deaf Studies Association, Amir Hamidi Abdul Manan, 42, suggested the content of the TV education program to be improved by having a certified sign language interpreter as featured during Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) Nasional 8 news broadcast.

“The facility will enable students with special needs, especially those with hearing disabilities, to follow the learning process during the MCO period.

“The syllabus provided is adequate, but it may be necessary to widen the access, especially for the deaf students. So, it is better to provide a sign language interpreter for all the lessons using the Malaysian Sign Language (BIM), ”he added. -- BERNAMA

Source: Bernama

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