Heartbroken by doctor's death

THE death of an Indonesian doctor who succumbed to Covid-19 touched the hearts of many as he rallied on his peers and professed his love to his fiancee.

Dr Michael Robert Marampe died on Saturday after battling the disease, which had forced him to postpone his wedding earlier this month, according to The Jakarta Post.

A week before losing the fight against the disease, Dr Michael posted a short video on his Instagram account, @mikemarampe, revealing to his followers that he was "one of the Covid-19 victims" of Indonesia.

In sharing his personal experience, he reminded fellow medical workers at the forefront of the health crisis to prioritise their safety at work by wearing proper personal protective gear.

Dr Michael, who was receiving intensive care at the Persahabatan referral hospital in East Jakarta when he recorded the video, asked his peers in the medical forefront to keep their spirits up in the battle against Covid-19.

"For me, to become a doctor is something to be proud of as it allows me to serve patients and help many people. There are no regrets," he said.

He also posted a photo of him with his fiance, Tri Novia Septiani, a "guardian angel" who had supported him for the past eight years.

"Thanks to my fiancee, Tri Novia Septiani. You are the most beautiful gift in my life. I love you always," he said.

The post turned out to be his last.

Tri, in an Instagram post on Sunday, expressed how proud she was of Dr Michael and vowed to finish their song that was initially written for their wedding scheduled on April 11.

It was postponed because of the outbreak.

"I love you so much [...] and I know you loved me too. See you again, my dear," Tri said in her posting, which attracted hundreds of responses.

Dr Michael is one of 40 medical workers, 24 doctors and 16 nurses who have died from Covid-19 since Indonesia announced its first two confirmed cases on March 2, according to the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) and the Indonesian Nurses Association (PPNI).

Source: New Straits Times

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