IPPAWARDS: These are the stunning photos that won the 2020 iPhone Photography Awards

Mobile photography has certainly come a long way from the 0.3MP single cameras that smartphones used to feature back in the day. In fact, the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) have been an annual showcase of best photos taken with iPhones, with winning photographs ranging from powerful, visual messages to beautiful landscapes.

For the 2020 iteration of IPPAWARDS, the Grand Prize Winner and Photographer of the Year Award has been given to Dimpy Bhalotia, a street photographer from the UK. Her photo, Flying Boys, depicts three boys taking flight into the Ganges River—perhaps it’s best if you take a look:

The First, Second, and Third Place Photographer of the Year Awards have equally beautiful entries, too. Artyom Baryshau, from Belarus, with No Walls, Geli Zhao of China, and Saif Hussain from Iraq with the Sheikh of Youth.

There are 18 additional categories for the IPPAWARDS, too. Winners come from all corners of the globe, including Belarus, France, Taiwan, Spain, and even Southeast Asia. Categories include landscape, architecture, floral, children, animals, travel, and architecture. Feast your eyes on some of the award winners below:

The vast variety of winning photographs is clear evidence that mobile photography continues to evolve. I’ll be honest—I wasn’t even that surprised to see how beautiful and full of detail these images are. The current generation flagship iPhone, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, has three cameras that offer photographers/users the versatility to take great photos.

Even then, not all of the IPPAWARDS winners used the latest iPhones for their photos. Mashable reports that the winning photo, Flying Boys (pictured above), was taken with an iPhone X, first launched in 2017. I suppose that makes sense—a good photo isn’t simply down to having the best hardware. Instead, it’s all about finding, and capturing the moment.

To view all of the winners (and their photos), head over to IPPAWARDS. So, what do you think about the winners? I’ll be honest: I’m mightily impressed.

Source: Soya Cincau

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