Froggy YB Hopping Party

A very crucial issue being discussed in the current parliament sitting, The issue is "Katak Lompat Party" Or Tak Lompat Party"

15th September, YB Pengerang, Dato' Sri Azalina Othman Said mooted a motion for YBs to discuss in parliament to make YBs party hopping illegal. I thought what a brilliant presentation by YB Azlina especially when she wrapped up the idea in this pantun

"Lompat sikatak lompat

lompat dalam perigi,

Lompat, jangan tak lompat

kalau lambat tak menjadi"

Sarawak 2016 already had made it illegal for YBs to party hop. And it seems to prove its worthiness when we, here in Sarawak enjoy a relatively harmonious political environment and the Sarawak government manages its affairs with relatively few disruptions.

Unlike in Sarawak, the federal Government scenario and its political environment are quite unstable and YBs' attitudes in government and Parliament are un-gentlemen and sometimes volatile. Not conducive at best. NGOs like Sedar Malaysia and Bersih's Marina Chin Abdullah had joined the call to make Party Hopping illegal. Yayasan Pillar too believes in YBs delivering to rakyat their responsibilities they promised to rakyat following rakyat giving their trust and votes.

Surprisingly Tun Dr. Mahathir is hesitant to support Anti-Hopping stating his reservation on its merits if clear definitions of "Party Hopping" are absent. Like all other laws, I would have thought definitions of a proposed law would be attended to first before it can become a Bill in Parliament.

We at Yayasan Pillar sees the practical merits of making it illegal for YBs to party hop. We see this as one of the ways, rakyat can ensure their YBs would not betray them. Their YBs are in Parliament August House by virtue of their votes and blessings.

In the absence of the Anti-Hopping law, allowing YBs to continue to Frog Hop, not only rakyat would lose out, the Government too wastes its time and resources. The only one benefitting from party Frog Hopping is the Froggy YB.

-DP Aisah Mahmud

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