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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Until peoples' lives are secured nothing else means anything. That is the take from Malaysian Prime Minister,  Tan Sri Muhyiddin Hj. Yasin. Today he announced the extension of the Movement Control Order from 31st March,2020 to 14th April 2020. Done in view of the unpredictability and uncertainty of the Covid 19 trend and spread. This has brought many mixed reactions from members of Malaysian public who already felt the MCO has not only tied their feet to move but also deny them to settle the many unfinished business and responsibilities they badly need to fulfill.

Some feel adding to the injury of their freedom of movement are when mosques, churches and temples are closed to all worshipers, restaurants and other eating places are prohibited to serve customers at their sites, Buses, LTR, taxis and cars are forced to standstill. Streets resemble ghost towns. There is also the unsettling sight of security forces and police in the streets and most annoying and most inconvenient  to the motorists and others when they are stopped at hundreds of roadblocks. The government practice of burying those who died from Covid 19 in the deliberate absence of their family members and friends are no less disturbing and sparked silent anger. They feel bad enough they are prohibited from visiting their family members while they were at Covid 19 centers. To them to deny them of attending  their family members at funerals are just insensitive and cruel.

Lets consider the other side of the much disputed hot coin.

Indians punished for breaking quarantine order

We are in the midst of deadly emergency. And what does one do in cases of unavoidable and a no two way about it emergency? One does what one must do. No matter how painful and unpalatable it seems to the affected communities, it would be unfair to assume it is not painful for government to take  unpopular measures to declare lockdown and other necessary emergency measures in order to save lives. To save lifes first is not a choice. Its a duty of every responsible government. One thing netizens should appreciate is the Malaysian police or military has not resorted to beating up hard-headed and abusive folks in the streets like the Indian police do in order to punish those who appear in the streets during lockdown. 

How else can we get rid of the deadly Covid 19 without concerted effort by the government with understanding and support from the community whom it serve to save? Considering we have cases still within 1700  today while other countries in Europe are recording cases way way above, shouldn't we be appreciative of all the life saving efforts by the authorities? 

Why is it in some Central Asia countries the Covid 19 cases are all below 80.

Tajikistan 0, Turkmenistan 0, Kazakhstan 79, Kyrgyzstan 42, Uzbekistan 55.  As of today No deaths in all these countries. One reason is these countries inherited sense of public discipline from their former governments and maintained by their present governments.

Today United Kingdom recorded 8078 cases and 422 deaths, Spain 47,610 cases and 3434 deaths, France 22,304 cases and 1100 deaths, Italy 69,176 cases and 6820 deaths. Why? one reason is their governments' responses to the Covid 19 disaster were rather late and non-inclusive.

In Malaysia the government responded timely and its  machinery work day and night to plan and strategise how best to contain Covid 19 while they work on economic packages to ease the burden of ordinary folks. Economic packages of several hundreds of millions are offered by the government to help people. How do we as affected communities play our part to stop deadly Covid 19 steal the lives of our families and friends? Only one way and that is to deny it and stop being Covid 19 agent to spread, infect and kill us.  

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