Longhouse folk cry out for road repair

KAPIT: Folk of Uma Lingu and Uma Tangau in Murum, Belaga are crying for help because the only access road to their longhouses was cut off due to lack of maintenance. They have appealed to Parti Keadilan Rakyat Hulu Rajang for help.

Branch chairman Abun Sui Anyit and his supporters together with the affected folk from the two longhouses held a ‘gotong royong’ to repair the access road to their longhouses.

When contacted, Abun Sui informed that the folk of Uma Lingu and Uma Tangau had complained to him that the only access road was cut off because it was not maintained.

“Acting on their complaints, we from PKR Hulu Rajang Division today (yesterday) organised a ‘gotong royong’ together with the affected folk to repair an alternative road through the oil palm plantation to provide temporary access. The folk cried that initially when they were settled there under the Metalun Murum Resettlement Scheme, the road was alright and the journey from the junction to their longhouse only took about 20 minutes by four-wheel drive vehicle.

But due to lack of maintenance, it is totally spoilt and cut off for almost a year now,” explained Abun Sui through the telephone.

Uma Lingu and Uma Tangau are part of the Murum Resettlement Scheme where Penans were resettled in four longhouses, which could accommodate about 1,000 people.

Abun Sui appealed to the state government to look into the plight of the settlers by repairing the road to provide them access.

Source: Borneo Post

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