Malaysia’s coronavirus Incredible Success story | Covid-19

In March, Malaysia’s had 3 times more Covid-19 cases than any country in South East Asia. Now Malaysia is one of the safest countries in the world. An incredible story that needs to be talked about more!

In this video, I will explain how Malaysia is winning the war against the Coronavirus.

I was amazed and impressed by all the ways Malaysia is protecting their country and citizens from the Coronavirus. I hope this video allows other countries to learn from Malaysia. During Coronavirus outbreak worldwide Malaysia took quick actions against covid 19 to prevent spreading this coronavirus through their nation.

Malaysian National Security Council (MKN) stating that the third phase of the country’s Movement Control Order (MCO) had begun – effective from 15 April and due to end on 28 April. The decision to extend the MCO was announced on 10 April by Malaysia’s Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. Malaysia first enacted a partial lockdown on 18 March and has since extended the initial two-week MCO twice. Going into phase three of the MCO, authorities hope that this could break the chain of infections and flatten the curve.

The MCO has been strict on Malaysians with over 9,000 people arrested for violating the order as of 14 April, according to local media. Roadblocks have been implemented across the country and a curfew has also been imposed for all vehicles, including e-hailing, from 10pm to 6am daily. We are following to test everyone.

Test, test, test – and then test again. By testing everyone, we can detect positive cases early and help minimize the spread of COVID-19 Since there is no effective antiviral drug to cure it as of now, would it not be better to prevent the disease with awareness and precautions than trying to cure it after getting infected. Please stay at home and Practice social distancing.

Source: Other Side Of The Truth/Youtube

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