Malaysia, US crooners 'Stand in the Eyes of the World' for 4th of July celebration

KUALA LUMPUR: The United States and Malaysia have harmonised their vocals and performed in a melodic duet now echoing throughout the diplomatic landscape.

As part of America's July 4th Independence Day celebrations, its embassy here initiated a "special cultural diplomacy collaboration" which gathered a chorus of musicians from the US and Malaysia for a rework of Rock Queen Ella's standard "Standing in the Eyes of the World".

Led by Her Majesty Ella herself and Malaysian phenom Zee Avi, and dozens of gifted alumni of American Music Abroad programmes, the group of songbirds warbled a thoroughly made-over version of the iconic 1998 chart-topper, which hits all the right diplomatic notes.

The remixed, extended 2020 iteration of the single is a knockout – and with additional English lyrics by American singer-songwriter David Gates, and a message of hope that all obstacles can be overcome – the "Standing" 2020 raises the roof, and is in "tune" with the sentiments of a world emerging from a deadly pandemic.

It is destined, we believe, to be "Standing in the EARS of the World".

The US embassy released a four-minute YouTube video of the track which features all the musicians belting out the song separately, in their own homes or recording studios, as per social distancing guidelines. But despite their separation, their euphony is heard loud and clear.

Happy Fourth of July, America!

Source: New Straits Times

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