Miri abduction, gang robbery: 5 suspects remanded 7 days to assist investigation

MIRI (Aug 18): Five individuals who are suspected to have abducted and gang robbed a man yesterday have been remanded for seven days by a Magistrate’s Court here to facilitate police investigation.

Magistrate Leona Dominic Mojiliu granted the remand after an application was submitted by Insp Mohamad Akmal Nashriq who represented the case’s investigating officer (IO) Insp Mohamad Kamel Sulaiman @Ibrahim.

The suspects, aged between 18 and 44, who were arrested at a hotel here yesterday, are being investigated under Section 395/397/365 of the Penal Code for gang robbery and abduction.

Their arrest was made following a report lodged by the victim at the Miri Central Police station, a few hours after the incident.

In his report, the 28-year-old victim claimed that he was approached by four unknown men at the five-foot way outside a law firm at Bintang Jaya commercial centre here at around 4pm yesterday.

Following that, the victim said the suspects immediately pushed him into a waiting white-coloured MPV.

While inside the vehicle, the victim claimed to have been beaten by the suspects and they also accused him of owing their boss money.

However, the victim said the suspects did not reveal who their boss was at the time.

The victim also claimed that the suspects had taken him to the city centre before going to a premises selling vehicles, where they changed the MPV’s plate number.

The victim stated that the suspects then drove to a petrol station near the area before going to a hotel at Waterfront.

One of the suspects then went to the hotel to try to check-in but failed, prompting them to bring the victim to a bank to withdraw some money, the victim added.

At the time, the victim claimed that he was escorted by two of the suspects with one of them pointing a knife at him.

While at the ATM machine, the victim said that he had entered his personal identification number (PIN) before he managed to escape from the duo.

Hence, the victim said he was not sure of the amount of money that had been withdrawn from his account.

He also claimed that he had been robbed of his belongings, which included cash amounting to RM910, bank card, hand phone, house keys and a sling bag.

Source: Borneo Post

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