Miri Welfare Dept urges parents of baby found near fish stall in March last year to come forward

MIRI (Mar 9): The Miri Welfare Department (JKM) is looking for the parents or family members of a newborn baby found abandoned near a stall selling fish at Jalan Kuala Baram on March 8 last year.

The baby boy was found by members of the public without any documents with him at around 10am.

According to a statement issued by JKM Miri today, the effort to locate the boy’s parents or immediate families are being done as the boy now needs protection and care.

“JKM had applied for court order for the boy to be placed at JKM institution under Section 30(d) of Child Acts which was done earlier on Aug 4 last year.

“The boy’s birth certificate had also been done by the child protection officer,” it said.

The statement added that if the parents or family do not come forward to claim the baby, then the child protection officer will need to apply for another court order under Section 30(1)(3) of the Child Act 2001 to place the baby under the care of a foster parent for two years.

JKM appeals to anyone with information on the whereabouts of the baby’s parents or family can contact the JKM Miri child protection officer Dayang Azeeyani Mohd Seri at 085-419072.

- Source: Borneo Post

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