Missing senior citizen found dead on second day of SAR Op

KUCHING: A senior citizen from Rumah Francis Jua at Kaong Skrang, Sri Aman, who is feared missing while fishing on Sunday at Langkong, Skrang has been found dead on the second day of the Search and Rescue (SAR) operation yesterday.

A spokesperson from Fire and Rescue Department’s Operation Centre said the man identified as Taid Jepit, 61, was found by the villagers at 12.35pm yesterday.

The SAR operations led by Bomba Betong, started at 10am using surface search mode within 3km downstream from the last location he is believed to be fishing .

“The body was found by villagers at 12.35pm some 8km from the Bomba Control Post (PKB) near Kampung Temelan, Batang Lupar River.

“The victim seemed to have suffered broken legs, and was (body) brought to a jetty in Sri Aman before being handed over to the police for their action.

“The SAR operation concluded at 1.15pm,” the spokesman said.

Other agencies involved in the SAR were the police, Malaysian Civil Defence Force, and the villagers.

The man was said to have gone fishing at a nearby river around 3pm Sunday, and was later reported missing by his daughter, Anne Taid.

According to witnesses, the man’s fishing line hook was stucked in the middle of the river. He apparently dove into the river to retrieve it but he never emerged from the water.

--Source: Borneo Post

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