Mothers are always on the front line

THIS Mothers Day celebration will be unlike others in many ways – no gatherings, lavish meals in restaurants or holiday treats during this movement control order (MCO) period. But celebrate mothers we must, especially today.

Staying home has been the most effective strategy for fighting Covid-19, and the frontliners, in ensuring this works, must surely be mothers.

With the MCO shrinking the world to within the home’s four walls, households do not only have to adapt quickly to a new normal but also manage it well.

In most families, we can safely say it’s mothers who are taking the lead, hopefully with help from others at home.

The lockdown during this pandemic has been especially challenging and taxing for mothers working from home.

Working from home has not taken off in a big way and this is simply because it demands too much multitasking.

But during this MCO, many working mothers are juggling longer working hours and managing daily chores like meal preparation and house cleaning.

They also have to keep their children occupied and entertained, ensure they attend e-learning classes and referee the inevitable spats.

On top of all that, mothers are also most likely at the forefront of drumming the tenets of social distancing and avoiding Covid-19 infection in their family members, and keeping everyone as healthy as possible.

The lockdown has also erased the demarcation between work and home, or workdays and weekends.

It’s hard for everyone – unless your MCO is a leisurely respite from the world – but it’s especially taxing and tiring for multitasking mums balancing work and home in quarantine.

It’s even more difficult for mothers doing it alone. Single mothers have always been a vulnerable group but they face even more pressure in these times for most are without safety nets. More than ever, they are worrying about keeping their jobs.

In these days fraught with health anxieties and economic uncertainties, many mothers continue to be the bedrock in families, providing care and comfort.

Mothers Day is especially for appreciating mums for all that they do so lovingly and unselfishly.

This MCO, mothers have been especially heroic. So, this Mothers Day, celebrate mothers not just with pretty words but also with resolve and actions.

All mothers need help and not only when she asks for it.

This Mothers Day, we hope government policies would lighten mothers’ loads, from ensuring access to childcare support and enforcing payment of child support to giving single mothers business loans.

We also need employers and bosses who are supportive and flexible, because normal is not possible when working from home.

In families, lift your fingers more so that mothers do not always have to be the one taking charge or the first to wake up and last to go to bed.

And of course, a thank you is always welcome. You are lucky if you are able to be with your mum today. For the rest of us, a phone or video call would have to do for now.

Thank you mothers for all that you do, and Happy Mothers Day.

Source: The Star

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