MSI CEO dies after falling from 7th floor of company building in Taiwan

The General Manager and CEO of Taiwanese gaming company, MSI (Micro-Star International) has passed away suddenly after falling from the 7th floor of the company’s headquarters at Zhonghe District in Taiwan. According to a report from Liberty News, Charles Chiang was discovered without a heartbeat, with doctors pronouncing him dead upon reaching the hospital.

Chiang was only 56 when he passed, having spent the best part of two decades at the Taiwanese company—he also took on the CEO position in 2019. Back in 1999, he joined MSI as a VP of Engineering, progressing to his current position as CEO of the company in January of last year.

Throughout the course of his tenure there, MSI has evolved from being motherboard and graphic cards makers to full-fledged laptops, PCs, as well as gaming peripherals. A spokesperson for the company said to Tom’s Guide:

“Earlier today, MSI GM and CEO Charles Chiang passed away. Having been a part of the company for more than 20 years, he made outstanding contributions and was admired by his colleagues. Mr. Chiang was a respected leader in the MSI family, and helped pave the way for the brand’s success. We are all deeply saddened by the news, and are mourning the loss of Mr. Chiang. He will be deeply missed by the entire team.”

However, the company didn’t discuss the nature of Chiang’s sudden death. Liberty News reports that the local police are investigating the incident, and the results have not been released at the time of writing. MSI has also said that the death was due to “personal health factors”, although there were reports of loud noises from the scene prior to the incident.

Source: Soya Cincau

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