Online petition urging Pos Malaysia to give Raya bonus to its delivery staff

A petition urging Pos Malaysia to pay a bonus or ‘duit raya’ to its delivery staff has garnered over 18,000 signatures since it was set up by a user on May 17.

The petition titled “Pos Malaysia must give bonus or duit raya to our mailmen” has a 25,000 supporters goal with a description asking others to help ease the burden of Pos Malaysia delivery staff.

“Let’s support our other frontliners – the mailmen, ‘abang pos’ and all the post workers behind the scenes and push Pos Malaysia to appreciate their hard work during this Covid-19 MCO by giving them some bonus or duit raya at least,” the user stated on the petition.

The user on the petition also added that the delivery staff has been working “very hard” due to an increase in online shopping during the movement control order (MCO) period, claiming that they are also “working beyond the required hours”.

It was reported that Pos Laju received up to 770,000 packages for delivery daily during the MCO period, up from the usual 350,000.

On May 16, a user on Facebook shared a personal exhange with a Pos Malaysia delivery person, who claimed that there will be no bonus payment for staff this year. The user added that the delivery person was tearful and emotional while sharing his story, saying he needed the bonus to help support his family. At the time, the user claimed that the delivery person was only earning around RM1,000 per month for his salary.

The posting has since gone viral with over 67,000 reaction from readers and 28,000 shares. It has also been shared by a separate user on Twitter in a posting that has gained more than 24,000 retweets.

In a response to the viral posting, Pos Malaysia stated that while there is an increase in parcel volume, its other businesses – namely mail, international parcels, Pos Aviation and Pos Logistics – had been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Despite this, the company continues to protect the livelihood of over 15,000 frontliners and operational support employees and ensure that their needs are prioritised," Pos Malaysia said in a statement to Lifestyle Tech.

The company stated that it will continue to protect its employees’ welfare without resorting to salary reductions, job cuts and other drastic measures, as compared to other severely impacted sectors in the country, while adjusting to the new normal during this period.

“As our transformation plan progresses, and situation has improved, we will ensure better rewards for our people.”

The company also expressed its gratitude to employees and hopes that the public will understand the challenges that the company is facing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are also grateful for the collective effort by our employees, who worked tirelessly to ensure deliveries and services are carried out with minimal disruptions especially toward the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive season. Pos Malaysia hopes for the continuous support from the public and we also hope that they understand the difficult challenges that we must endure during this difficult time.”

Source: The Star

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