Over 550 Muslim organisations and individuals unite in historic boycott of Prevent review

More than 550 Muslim organisations and individuals have come together, in a historic coalition, pledging to boycott the UK government’s review of the Prevent "counter-extremism" policy, which will be led by William Shawcross.

The statement by the signatories says: “William Shawcross has a track record of hostility to Islam and Muslims. No serious, objective, critical review can be undertaken by someone with such a track record – rather we should expect him to promote a hardening of policies towards Muslims. So, if Muslim organisations engage with this Review, it strengthens its legitimacy and its power to recommend policies more harmful to the community.

“It is increasingly obvious that Prevent promotes many unacceptable harms – even to those who have engaged with Prevent convinced they are preventing harm. These harms include profiling and targeting Muslim children (even as young as four), making the Muslim community ‘a suspect community’, demonising aspects of Islam, and silencing legitimate speech.”

--Source: Islam Channel

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