Police report against Facebook user for slander

KOTA KINABALU: Democratic Action Party Socialist Youth (DAPSY) Kota Kinabalu chief George Wong has lodged a police report against Facebook user Muhammad Zulfaqar for slandering the Chinese Government and the Democratic Action Party (DAP) over a donation of face masks and gloves from China.

Wong, who is also DAPSY Sabah Organizing Secretary and a committee member of DAP Sabah, said that Muhammad Zulfaqar had through a Facebook post dated March 31 March, (https://www.facebook.com/muhammad.zulfaqar.7140/posts/141298990731531) claimed that the face masks and gloves from China had been contaminated.

“He also described the Chinese Government as ‘jahat’ (having bad intention), ‘kapiaq’ (infidel) and is allegedy in cahoots with DAP,” said Wong in a statement yesterday.

“First of all, the face masks and gloves were directly delivered from the manufacturers in China, and therefore how can they be contaminated” questioned Wong.

Wong noted that the aid which was delivered on the March 29 by AirAsia and duly received by Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal accompanied by the General Consulate of China, Liang Caide, were now being distributed to frontliners all over Sabah.

“I strongly condemn such posting and urge both PDRM and MCMC to take stern action against this fake news as it will create unrest and chaos among the public. Not only that, by calling China ‘kapiaq’ (infidels), it will not only spoil the cordial Malaysia and China diplomatic relations, it but may also create racial hatred!” said Wong.

Wong remarked that this kind of stirring of racial sentiments and usage of racist slurs definitely cannot be forgiven, especially in Sabah where all races live in harmony and respect as preached by the Chief Minister.

“In Sabah, we have no room for this kind of racism and statement by the user,” said Wong.

Source: Borneo Post

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