Sabah Covid-19 quarantine centre residents making a mess

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Health Department (JKNS) has urged those under quarantine at designated centres in the state to be more conscientious in maintaining good hygiene and dumping rubbish.

Its director, Datuk Dr Christina Rundi, said complaints have been made by agencies managing the centres that some temporary residents have become a nuisance.

"We understand that some might feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied at having to undergo quarantine at the centres.

"However, JKNS urges those at the centres to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of personal hygiene and the environment. They have to know that cleanliness is the basis of health," she said in a statement.

As of yesterday, 2,223 people are under quarantine at 55 centres in Sabah, while 9,192 are under stay-at-home orders.

Sabah's number of Covid-19 cases remains 343, with 33 people still being treated at hospitals.

JKNS has also screened 409 residents and 383 staff members of 16 elderly care centres – all of whom tested negative for Covid-19.

As for tabligh schools, 617 students were screened before their premises were closed. Six later tested positive.

Meanwhile, Dr Christina refuted an online article titled "Yayasan Osimal milik bekas ketua hakim monopoli projek rapid test kit dari Singapura?," saying that JKNS never received the kits from the foundation, but only a supply of reagents for the Kota Kinabalu Public Health laboratory.

"JKNS would like to thank Osimal Yayasan for assisting in acquiring reagents for the laboratory, as it is short of these materials to process samples throughout the state.

"During this Covid-19 pandemic, all agencies and individuals should be united to solve problems and not politicise issues for personal agendas," she said, adding that the department would not hesitate to take further action against those making slanderous claims.

Source: New Straits Times

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