Sarawak blood banks take measures to ensure adequate supply of blood

KUCHING, April 19  -- Blood banks in Sarawak are taking measures to ensure adequate supply of blood for hospitals statewide during Ramadan as well as Aidilfitri and Gawai Dayak holidays.

Head of Transfusion and Blood Bank Services Department, Hospital Umum Sarawak (HUS) Dr Mohammad Masrin Md Zahrin said the stock of blood was still at a safe level of around 900 units which could last about a week.

In this regard, he urged the people to continue donating blood regularly to ensure the supply of blood is always at a safe level.

"Before the spread of COVID-19 outbreak, an average of 150 bags of blood were collected daily across the state including 70 bags per day at the HUS Blood Bank, but at the moment, there has been a decline in demand for blood supply due to the reduction in elective surgeries," he said when contacted by the Bernama.

Besides using social media as a medium to disseminate information on the importance of blood donation, the department is also maintaining strong rapport with regular blood donors and organisers of blood donation campaigns, he said.

"If donors are having problems to come to the blood collection centre, for example if there are 10 to 20 donors at once, they can contact us and we will do the donation at an appropriate location or we will bring the donors to the collection centres,” he said. -- BERNAMA

Source: Bernama

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