Short Story of Quarantined Mother and Son

This is a story of mandatory locked down of a mother and son during Ramadan. Was bearable for few days but as the days went by cooped up in one room, not permitted to step out beyond the only exit door was driving us up the wall. All we saw were the NOs and Don't in front of us. No windows allowed to be opened. No one was allowed to see you, not your family members and not your friends. And not even their shadows permitted at the front door, Corridors and lobby were like ghost towns, dark, unfriendly and empty. You neither saw nor heard anyone. When bedsheets were dirty, change it yourselves. When bathroom and toilet were dirty, cleaned them yourselves. When floor was sticky and soiled, mopped them yourselves, Is it a wonder we felt like a team of forced labour without Gaji. My son and I did them all. Food served was pre-determined by hotel and for 14 days repetitive. No, we were not permitted to change their menu. It was just too bad if you got sick and tired by same recycled types of cooking and food because that was all you got for 14 days of locked down. Take it or leave it. We took it and left, but No thanks.


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