Society proposes artificial box for nesting hornbills at Piasau Camp

MIRI (Aug 25): Piasau Camp Miri Nature Park Society (PCMNPS) will propose to Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) to deploy the use of artificial nest boxes for nesting hornbills at the camp area.

Its chairman Datuk Sebastian Ting said this was crucial in providing safe nesting options for hornbills following the death of ‘Alice’, a female hornbill that was accidentally electrocuted while looking for a nesting place with her mate Anthony two days ago.

“It is a very sad news because Alice and Anthony were looking for a new nesting place to prepare for their second offspring. It’s natural for hornbills to look for a new nest for their next offspring, and therefore they would fly around looking for one.

“It is possible that they flew out of Piasau Camp to Lutong commercial centre (near New World Mart), where the incident happened,” said Ting.

The Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture said the Society would discuss with SFC on the possibility of installing artificial nest box as soon as possible to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

“In Panaga Camp, Kuala Belait, Brunei, a hornbill nest box project was initiated by a team of researchers in 2000, to overcome the shortage of nesting sites at the area. The project has proven to be a success with increasing breeding rate among the hornbills there.

“We should adopt it as a learning model,” said Ting.

He also thanked the people here for being friendly and protective of the bird species.

-- Source: Borneo Post

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