Suicide cases in malaysia

Official figures for suicide cases from January 2021 to May 2021 is 468 which translates to about 94 persons took their lifes Every month in 5 months. The Befrienders reported a spiral of Distress calls received by them has increased from 3,375 to 3,779 per month at rate of 12+. In 2021 thus far. 34% of callers are youth between ages of 15 to 19 years old.

The WHYs and HOWs of this alarming trend are quite obvious. The difficulties and the suffering brought about by Covid19 for nearly 2 years contributed a great deal to the reasons behind the spiral of suicides. Mental stress, emotional depression, loneliness, a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. Most suicide attempts are because they just cannot see their way out and ending their lifes seem the only way out.

There is also another concern about the implications on a person in event his suicide attempts failed.

Under section 309 of Penal Code, suicides attempts are punishable crimes. While YAB Prime Minister Dato Sri Ismail Sabri announced many assistance and development programs for the greater well being of Malaysians following Covid 19, surprisingly, the alarming phenomenon of unnecessary lost of life by suicides was hardly mentioned by YAB Prime Minister Dato Sri Ismail Sabri during his RMK12 today.

Yayasan Pillar Malaysia in collaboration with Mental Health Association and The Befrienders are in the midst of preparing for workshop/counselling sessions tentatively for 6/11 and 13th November 2021. Those who wish to join are most welcome. We will update venues later.

-DP Aisah

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