The times fashion brands celebrated a mother-daughter bond in campaigns

There is something extremely poignant about the relationship a mother shares with her child. Visually, it tells a stunning story. Fashion brands have long focused on this for campaigns, with the result being some unforgettable pictures indeed.

In celebration of the upcoming Mothers Day, we take a look at these beautiful mother-daughter double acts. Now, that is a look of love.

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber

Mention Omega and Cindy Crawford’s name will probably come to mind. The legendary supermodel has been the face of the watch brand for more than 20 years. Her daughter, Kaia Gerber is following suit. Kaia was appointed as an Omega ambassador in 2017. Their campaign visuals together? Simply stunning.

Naomi Campbell and Valerie Morris-Campbell

Who doesn’t recognise Naomi Campbell? Known for having an indomitable presence, she is a force to be reckoned with, although her mother Valerie Morris-Campbell managed to hold her own in a campaign shoot they shared for Burberry in 2018. So, now you know where Naomi gets her “fierceness” from.

Lucie De La Falaise and Ella Richards

Lucie De La Falaise is the niece of Loulou De La Falaise, jewellery designer, muse and great friend of Yves Saint Laurent. Naturally, Lucie went on to become a fashion model. Her daughter, Ella Richards, is a model too – and the duo’s appearance in a 2016 Stella McCartney campaign was all sorts of remarkable.

Pat Cleveland and Anna Cleveland Von Ravenstein

In 2015, Lanvin put together a campaign celebrating motherhood and family. Pat Cleveland and Anna Cleveland Von Ravenstein have gotten together in front of the camera before, but somehow this particular shoot looked extra special. Maybe because they were styled exactly identical? That is how you do “twinning” right.

Source: The Star

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