Waiting for MCO to be lifted

PETALING JAYA: They’re on the wish list of many Malaysians these days.

Getting a haircut. Going for a movie. Visiting family and friends.

Their hope is running high as June 9 beckons.

That’s the date when the conditional movement control order (MCO) is scheduled to end. Touch wood.

Sales executive Kang Chin Hooi said he was eager to hit the rock climbing gym.

“It was my regular practice and recreation place with my friends before the MCO started, ” said Kang, 29, adding that he used to go there three times a week.

Brian Hoh, 40, said the first thing he would do was to go to a hair salon to get a haircut.

The account manager also said that he dreamed of going on a vacation as he loved to travel.

Freelancer Khaw Aik Hong, 45, shared the same sentiment of wanting to get a haircut.

As for financial consultant C.Y. Fong, 60, she could not wait to go to the cinemas to watch a good movie.

“Small screens are just not for me. I’m looking forward to watching a good film, ” she said.

Nick Honegar Mokulou, an education officer, said he would bring his children to visit interesting places as that was what the youngsters wanted.

“I am going to follow what my children want to do since that was what they have requested after being stressed out by just staying at home, ” the 33-year-old said.

Senior executive Kristina Azmi, 42, hoped that schools would reopen.

“I pray to God that the government will reopen schools. It has been so difficult to handle e-learning for the children, ” she said.

Josie Paul, a media executive, said she couldn’t wait to go back to church to celebrate and give thanks.

“Because of God’s protection, I am still alive. So I just want to give thanks, ” the 43-year-old said.

For other Malaysians, the lifting of the MCO would be a time to reconnect with their families.

Reylene Dietar, 37, is looking forward to seeing her mother and her relatives back in her hometown in Singai, Bau.

Chief operating officer Franklin Simon, 33, who is from Sarawak, said he couldn’t wait to visit other cities such as Kuala Lumpur to meet family and friends.

“No technology can beat the best of face-to-face interactions. I also want to get Marks and Spencer cookies, Texas Chicken and Charlie’s chicken chop, all of which are not available in Sarawak, ” he said.

Source: The Star

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